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Meet Our Team of Seasoned Professionals and Hollywood Insiders.

The Gallery Group is a co-op agency of industry executives and agency CEO's from coast to coast, who have come together to form this sub company from near and afar. Some of our associates work in house while others work from their offices within the companies that they manage. TGG is a satellite networking hub of sorts. A networking team of powerhouse individuals, utilizing their theories, strategies and resources, through their firms, to give you everything that your project or artist needs.

The Gallery Group CEO   -   Luke Maitlin


With well over 30 years of Hollywood inside experience as a financier' and project developer, Maitlin literally puts his money where his mouth is. His years on the studio lots culminated to the brain child, TGG.


University of Southern California Law

Sarah Rachel Anticouni  -  Talent Manager


        With over 20 years experience in the fashion and entertainment industry Sarah has one client as a TGG talent manager as the personal and business manager of our top client: Monsta Mash



Fashion & Branding Exec.  -   Lamar Foytt

With 15 years of industry experience working with some of the top designers, Lamar has worked in wardrobe departments on network TV shows and has done fashion consulting on some of rap and pops biggest names. Lamar is working with some top tier designers on some new fashions that he hopes will someday bare his own brand - "Foytty Daze"

CEO - Foytty Daze Fashion


Academy of Art University - SF

Development Strategy Analyst  -  Riley Binatti

A new comer to the industry, with 5 years under his belt, Riley comes by way of New York where he worked in finance management and is a mastermind at turning projects into moneymakers. Riley is our bottom line guy. If the project is going to make the cut it ultimately has to pass the Riley test or it's a no-go.


Producer - Music and Television - Lew Marklin Mash


With 32 years of experience in the industry that started in 1984 when Marklin was a rap artist signed with legendary music attorney Brian Rohan who taught the youngster the ropes. Marklin joined the Television industry in 1997 working as a guard and bodyguard for Haim Saban. Marklin moved to Santa Barbara where he worked at KEYT TV (ABC) for 5 years as a PA, Camera Man and finally as a Producer and Editor. Marklin has produced and developed 14 national TV shows, numerous music videos and pilots, has been nominated for 2 Emmy's and has written lyrics for several TV stars and Aerosmith among others. Marklin has written two books, "TV in ADHD: The Reel Story of ADHDtv," and "Sober IS...Sexy!" Lew is also a very outspoken member of the Straight Edge community and attributes much of his success to a lifestyle that does not include drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

If you have ever played the M.A.S.H. game (Mansion Apartment Shack House) game as a kid, Lew invented that game when he was 9 years old, using his last name as an acronym!

CEO - Atomic Lawn Entertainment, LLC


University of California Santa Barbara

Director and Artist Developer  -  Blazin' James Phelps


James Byron Dean Phelps of Competition Motors Hollywood llc (aka) Blaze-n-James™of BlazenJames Productions llc. & owner of eyefullfeaturefilms and formally November Productions/Penny and Joe Bigelow and the Entertainment Connection in Beverly Hills. James is currently working on a documentary about off-road racing during the mid 1950"s. James is also Straight Edge.


CEO - Eye Full Feature Films


University of California Los Angeles

American Film Institute

Web Master & Technical Writer  -  Benny Tanaka


The real brains behind this operation, the man who makes us look good on the net and builds our artists and projects an online presence. Big Bad Benny writes the HTML, the Java script, master ninja of social networking and much more. We promise that we won't replace him with an ITT Tech grad, even though we raz him. We all know that he'd probably hack our lives and seize our assets! Yet, another straight edge member of our outfit and most likely to take over the world from a backpack while skydiving over the alps over a weekend.


CEO - Hard Wired Inc.


Georgia Tech University

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