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The Stage Academy

We are proud to announce that we will be offering a unique new opportunity for some talented and artistic creators who would like to be a part of a groundbreaking new program that we fully expect will be a very exciting new venture for all of us; The Stage Academy.


We here at the Gallery Group Inc. have been desiging some cutting edge and exciting new concepts in stage construction for music industry artist stage design. We plan to introduce our new concepts with the help of our artists and showcase some of these designs soon. 


Here is the fun part where you come in! We want to find us a solid young core of creative geniuses who want to explore new and exciting ideas in stage design. You will join our creative team in building sets for concerts and show venues where you will not only gain valuable experience in a hands on environment but once you pass the introductory phase and are ready to show off your mad skills we will turn you loose as creative director, with the entire team at your disposal to build your own unique designs! You will not be the silent minority on this little endoeavor though. Your designs will go in your own portfolio and you will certainly get credit where credit is due!


What is the cost of this program? Nothing! If chosen, our plan is to start you as an intern and work you into a paid position with our team and at any time you can venture off to start your own team or program! We are very excited about this program. At the Gallery Group we believe that our team is a constillation and we are ALL stars on this team!



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If you have any questions or need more information about becoming a model or actor with The Gallery Group Inc. please contact us by email.

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