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At the Gallery Group Inc we take special care in picking up a very small lineup of 3 artists at a time so that we can dedicate our time and resources to our projects and our artists do not pay us up front. We are willing to put all of our eggs in 3 baskets because we have the utmost belief in our selection process, program and formulas, both old and new; We believe in our artists enough to put as much on the line for them as they have put on the line to make it to our front door. Our goal is to create a comprehensive project that is packaged up for any label and ready to go. We consider ourselves the Triple A farm system of the music industry. We know that you will enjoy what we have prepared for you. Let's break bread!


At TGG we not only have recording studios at our disposal but we have a unique set of music industry producers who are ready to manage your career, develop your style and brand, help you to write the hits that you need and then get you into the hands of the labels. We aim for the top. We want you to get that big contract with a major label because we want you to be the next major music industry star. We have the resources and we do not rest until we get you signed because we don't get paid until you get paid and we got into this business to get paid!


At TGG we treat our artists with care and we work with labels to give them what they are looking for in a hassle free environment where everyone comes out on top. We present the industry with a unique brand of project development, incubated in privacy until the label decides to unveil their new baby to the world. 

At TGG we do not charge our artists. We hand pick you because we believe in you and we are willing to put our money, our time and our energy where our mouth is. We work on a contract basis and only choose a small number of artists to work with so that we can give our artist the attention that they need. Be wary of agencies who ask you to pay for headshots or ask for up front fees. Ask lots of questions and make sure that they truly believe in you. We welcome you to submit your material but please understand that we only take on a select few artists that fit our specific needs and it is nothing personal and there is probably someone at another agency that is looking for you so keep submitting.

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