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Lewis Marklin Mash  -  Monsta Mash

         Because Monsta Mash is such a unique artist and brand we felt it necessary to compile this comprehensive resume' to go along with the EPK. Monsta is not just a recording artist and performer, he is a proven entertainment professional with 33 years of experience in Music, Television and Film with an impressive resume' that speaks for itself. We do not believe that a label is signing Monsta, but that rather a label is entering into a lucrative relationship with an incredibly talented and hard-working team that promises to bring a great project to audiences world-wide, maximizing output while minimizing risk. 

           All References Available Upon Request.

Beginning - 1984 - 1989

      Monsta begins his rapping career, in Los Angeles, CA - at the age of 10 with 4 friends to perform at a 6th grade talent show at Joe A. Gonzalves Elementary where Mash was a trouble student but also a GATE student.

       Mash and DJ KCT go on to form Project One in 1987 and record their first record in 1989 - 

       Mash - age 14 writes, schedules studio time, arranges record production through Alshire Records in Burbank, CA and handles all phases of distribution, booking shows and radio interviews across the country - opening for Candyman, Father MC, Toni Tony Tone',  Def Jeff, Brotherhood Creed, Dick Dale and others. Mash, inspired by NWA / Ruthless Records, starts his own label: Project Records.

Signed - 1990 - 1992

Solo Recording Artist - MARK-E

        At the age of 16 Mash was in trouble, living on his own in LA, the teen was drinking, smoking weed and getting in trouble on the streets of Norwalk, CA. Mash's cousin Albie Martinez picked the talented teen up from jail and began managing and training the young artist. In a very short time Mash was too busy to get into trouble. Martinez quickly got the teen recording sessions, a management deal with Todd Singerman (Extreme, Anthrax, Motorhead), an investor and a deal with legendary music attorney, Brian Rohan (Aerosmith, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Pogues, The Grateful Dead, etc)

        Martinez got Mash onto Late night shows and airplay at LA's KISS FM where Rick Dees praised Mash as one of the most promising young artists coming up the ranks. 

Youth Pastor - Ministry 1992 - 1996

           Mash became a Christian after the unexpected death of his father in 1991. In a very short time Mash excelled in biblical studies, began leading worship at Grover Beach Assembly of God church and began leading youth within 1 year.

           Mash moved to a larger church in Arroyo Grande and went through correspondence bible college through Berean University to become a Certified Minister with the Southern California District of the Assemblies of God church, running a monthly youth ministry through Action House Ministries that filled the local Nazarene Church gymnasium with live rock bands and performances by high school teens. Mash proved to have a gift and talent with working with young people, the homeless - running a homeless minitry inspired by Tommy Barnett - and also a gift for preaching, as he would travel to many churches as a young fiery evangelist.

Radio DJ - 1993-1996  and 2007-2009

      Mash began doing interviews on radio stations in the 9th grade so transitioning into radio was not hard.

      Mash became a DJ at KGDP AM (Christian Talk) and POWER 95 FM (Christian Top 40) in Santa Maria in 1993 just to be around music. 

     Mash returned to radio in 2007 at KJUC Radio at UCSB's KCSB Radio facilities just as practice and to stay around the studio environment. Pictured above at Clear Channel Radio, as a guest, in 2007.

Signed Artist - Reverend Skurvy 1994-1996

         Mash started a Mainstream Christian Alternative Rap Group: Reverend Skurvy in 1994, while a youth pastor, at the urging of the pastor's son, Kyle Hoover, who wanted to rap even though he had no formal training and did not listen to rap music. Along with Joy Laney, also had no experience, Mash formed the group, wrote several songs, trained the young artist how to perform the tracks and they went out performing. By the group's 10th performance the word traveled like wildfire and the group was already signing autographs and selling merchandise at shows. While performing at the grand opening of Luke Barnett's new LA Dream Center in Los Angeles with wrestlers Superstar Billy Graham and Jake the Snake Roberts, Mash was approached by Fred Bay, who was managing Christian singer Bob Carlisle, among others, and the group was offered a contract immediately. Bay said that his son told him that Reverend Skurvy was the only band that his dad ever represented that he ever actually liked, which is why the group was signed.

Owner - Skurvy's Cafe 1995-1997

        After Reverend Skurvy disbanded due to tragic events involving Rachel "Joy" Laney in a car accident, Mash bought a coffee house in Pismo Beach and then Atascadero, California that he named after the group, Skurvy's Cafe.

       The cafe was a live music venue that quickly became the home to the Eddie Numbskull Productions and Central Coast's Punk, Alternative and Ska scene. Groups such as MXPX, The Offspring, The Atari's, FYP and others played the venue along with Mash who was introduced to punk music and the Straight Edge movement for the first time as several Straight Edge Hardcore bands would play the venue. New Times Magazine did a full spread on the shop who earned the cover and the praise of staff writers who called the venue the most promising new live venue in the area in 1997.

SABAN Entertainment / Fox Family Worldwide 1997-2000

       Mash was introduced to television by accident in 2007 after closing the cafe, when he packed up his car and headed back to Los Angeles looking for a job at a Record Label to get signed as a recording artist. Unfortunately there were no jobs available so Mash took a job at SABAN Entertainement as a security guard / receptionist where they made the Power Rangers and other kids programming. Mash was a fast learner, anwered phones and managed guests in the fast paced environment so he continued to move up to faster departments and became acquainted with the entire directory of employees on all 24 stories of the highrise making him a valauble go between guy to other departments to introduce people. Mash learned much working in the music department, animation department, licensing, merchandising, casting, production, and management including Haim Saban, Shuky Levi, Ron Kenan, Julie Ashton, Lloyd Michael Cook and other industry notables. 

6 CD Albums Released - 2000 - 2015

ABC News (KEYT TV) 2002 - 2007

        Mash started in network news at Santa Barbara's ABC News affiliate, KEYT TV Channel 3, in 2002 as a production intern and slowly worked his way up the ranks to floor cams for live news, live sound, field camera ENG/ live van operator, then finished as Producer and Senior Editor for the creative services department, editing both linear and non-linear editing systems and work flows on Avid and Final Cut Pro suits on both PC and Mac platforms. Mash also produced his first TV show, Cottage Health Life, a local weekly broadcast that aired on Saturday mornings.

Los Angeles Dodgers  2004-2006

       Mash was a paid intern for one of LA's most coveted internships in sports television broadcasting while enrolled at UCSB on concurrent enrollment (required). Only 3 Southern California students are chosen yearly and Mash was the first from community college and from a Santa Barbara school. Mash was trained to operate a camera on field during live games, while a camera utility, shadowing an industry verteran. During the day Mash was trained to edit video, build and log graphics and maintain the stadium library of video archives while working alongside the Dodgervision Director, ESPN and Fox Sports, the famous and legendary Vin Scully, Ross Porter, Rick Monday, Fernando Valenzuela, Jaimie Jarin, Tommy Lasorda, Steve Garvey, Don Newcomb, Frank McCourt and others daily.

Jackie Robinson Music Video 2006-2007

        One of the true honors of my career - in 2006 produced and edited a music video for the 60th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day to be aired at baseball stadiums on April 15, 2007 in honor of Jackie Robinson. 

         Worked with LA Angels baseball scout, musician and friend Nate Trosky, MLB, Jackie Robinson Foundation, Rachel Robinson, Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and UCLA to compile and produce the music video that would later be on display at the Hall of Fame Jackie Robinson exhibit. The Hall of Fame entrusted me with almost 1 million dollars worth of Jackie Robinson original footage - every piece in their possession, a responsibility that I did not take lightly.

Television Producer  2006 - 2016

             Executive Producer for 13 low budget national television shows - family programming - ranging from kids game show, to women's MMA fight show (originaly with NBC Universal) to a cooking show, fishing show, comedy variety show, news red carpet Hollywood insider show, Hip Hop / Rap video show - airing on America One, Dish Network channels and Cable - Sky Angel, ION Life, Tuff TV, MAV TV, Fuel TV, etc and Sling Box and other hybrid web based TV platforms. Handled concept to production, budgeting, casting, marketing, branding, advertising, promotions, airtime deals - signed as a producer with Tsunami Productions out of Baltimore, MD.

             Pictured to the left with Executive Producing partners Johnny Venokur (Evolution Management) and Lyle Howry at casting for That's Funny! kid's game show in 2009 at Actors Reps casting, casting 4 contestants, show charactars and filling a studio audience of approx 190 kids. 


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College 2002 - 2017



Degree: Associates of Science - Liberal Studies - Santa Barbara City College


Expected to attend: University of California Santa Barbara in 2017

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