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Music Attorney / Soliciting Agent - Justin Fox Esq.

         Our premiere artist at TGG, Monsta' Ma$h aka Mark Ma$h brings a whole new fresh sound to what he has coined as: Punk Rap Music. This new sound is moving fast and waiting for no one.

Ma$h combines so many rap and music styles to his new sound, labels, if you're looking for us to draw comparisons to other groups or genres, you better get out a pen and paper because the list is long. Ma$h is as versatile as they come.  Mash is one of the hardest workers and most talented artists that you will ever work with. 



Quick Resume' -  Verifiable Experience in all areas of Entertainment and Production.


Songwriter: Writes any style or music genre in literaly minutes. 5-15 minutes avg


Recording Artist: Over 400 songs (Rap, Alternative, Pop, Punk, Rock) recorded in all types of recording studios - Analog, Digital, small and large.


TV Executive Producer: 12 National TV shows, over 300 national TV show episodes in the United States from 2006-2014


TV Editor / Camera Man: Los Angeles Dodgers (2004-2006), ABC News (2002-2007), Fox Soccer Channel (2007), ESPN (2004)


Radio DJ: 1993-1997 and 2007-2009


Years in Industry: 33, 1984, age 10


Has worked with hundreds of Celebrities and is proven 


Degree: Associates of Science, Liberal Studies, Santa Barbara City College

More than just a rapper or mere music artist, Ma$h is 32 years of hip hop and life lessons culminating into a style, look and sound that just cannot be matched anywhere, or we will refund your money and tear up that silly contract. A born performer, Ma$h will settle for nothing less than the best.

 This artist comes ready to play. High energy, heavy lyrics and sounds that make your head bob, this is rap that you can sing along with. The music and message are positive but chart busters, make no mistake. 

        The show is theatrical, and planely, the mix of rock and rap are not then only qualities that make this project unique. Ma$h is quite the theatrical showman. This project is made to shake and rumble but will look like candy to the eyes. Eloborate stages and large ensembles of live instraments, Ma$h, aka Bracemouth, will remind you why you wanted to be in this business.

         Put Monsta in the grittiest of venues or throw him up on stage to freestyle and don't worry, this is the real article. Put him in a million-dollar studio the next day and watch him work like a well oiled machine. Best of both worlds.


Touring and Shows - 2016/2017

December 3, 2016


10:30 PM


Treschell's Night Club


Los Angeles, CA


God Mother of Funk

Album Release Party


Dogg Pound Gang


Monsta Ma$h &

John Quest

Performing Live

       No headaches, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes = NO DRAMA. The first two tracks were laid in the studio in an hour and a half, produced by none other than Elliot Lanam, who worked on Katy Perry's Prism Album (Roar, Dark Horse, Happy Birthday, etc). In the studio, Ma$h is a beast - schooled from the streets and schooled in a classroom, follows directions and works as fast as any producer in the industry can run him. Ma$h writes all genres of music effortlessly and has some 400 songs ready to go. What you will not get out of this artist is party recording sessions, no shows, late shows and arguments. What you will get is a seasoned professional who is versatile to a fault and able to do so many things that we cannot list all of his attributes and skills without sending you a complete packet. Ma$h is a listener and collaborator - a team player who wants to work in the label system - an artist who has adopted the win-win model for business.

More than just a music artist - Ma$h is a proven TV Producer with some 300 national TV show episodes under his belt and will earn his AA degree in Film Studies, from Santa Barbara City College (#1 City College in the United States) in June of 2017. Ma$h has directing his first music video due which premiered at 11:59 PM (midnight) on Halloween 2016. This will was his official directing debut and in the first three weeks he has proven to TGG that he has sustainability and relevancy in executing his projected plan and has accumulated a half a million YouTube views in his debut.

Ma$h lives by his own personal slogan that, "Life is a Production."


Below is a link to the promo for the first music video starring Mark Ma$h, FaithyJ, Lauren Babree and DJ Frank Ramirez, among others.

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